WAVEPOOL- CD (Via CDBaby.com)

WAVEPOOL- CD (Via CDBaby.com)

Robert Rand’s WAVEPOOL is a 60-minute soundtrack that invites the listener into deep relaxation.. and ultimately into a journey of healing and rejuvenation. This critically acclaimed CD has been selling worldwide since its release in January 2010. Wavepool has been a DigStation Top Seller several weeks running- truly remarkable for a 60-minute single soundtrack!

Update October 13, 2012: Rand Studio is not shipping for a couple of weeks. And- it’s easy to get Wavepool– at CDBaby! Please visit The CDBaby Wavepool page to order.

Sandra Ingerman, reknowned author and healer, gave her top endorsement to WAVEPOOL, now her recommended soundtrack for healing, supplanting all other CDs ever made for relaxation and meditation. WAVEPOOL is selling worldwide since its release and was on the Digstation Best Seller list for three weeks! This is the best sixty-minute deep relaxation soundtrack for:

- Shamanic journeying
- Massage
- Spa and movement centers
- Yoga
- Myofascial Release
- Acupuncture "soak" time
- Pregnancy term and delivery
- Surgical prep and recovery suites
- Pets
- Quiet time for kids
- Relaxation at home

Rob's original goal in creating WAVEPOOL was to create a soundtrack for use by a well-regarded Brunswick massage therapist who was finding most CDs unsuitable for deeply relaxing her clients. The WAVEPOOL soundtrack worked well for her and the word got out about this amazing sound. In 2009, at the urgings of therapists, clients and friends, Rob created the full sixty-minute CD soundtrack and artwork and released WAVEPOOL internationally in January 2010.

Can you imagine listening to a CD for months and continuing to enjoy it? That's just one amazing feature of the Wavepool Deep Relaxation soundtrack. Wavepool promotes relaxation and healing with the highest levels of integrity and alignment. You can go much further into very deep relaxation, that quality of being found at the root of transformation and wellness, with the simple guides to deep relaxation on the inner liner notes.

WAVEPOOL is also available as a digital download- Click here for more details

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